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What is Tidy Fencing?

Tidy Fencing is the installation, replacement or updating of fence posts, fence panels or kick boards. We provide fences and fencing services throughout Malvern, Worcester, Gloucester, Cheltenham and beyond.

  1. Clear site and decipher boundary. We decipher the boundary to reduce future neighbour disputes and problems. The site clearing is done entirely and all material removed from site.

  2. Dig holes and remove waste. Holes are a minimum of 2 feet deep. This means the posts are less likely to sway and become damaged over a long period.

  3. Insert posts and pack out with concrete. We use 4 inch square wooden posts - not 3 inch square wooden posts. We can also use concrete posts. Concrete posts feature a groove for dropping in the panels and kick boards. Concrete posts make it easier to replace panels if they become rotten or damaged.

  4. Add kick boards and feather edge panels. We use high quality feather edge panels - not thinner larch lap panels used on regular fences.

Again, it comes down to the quality. We use high quality materials to ensure that the job is done properly and to a very high standard.

Each job is specified and quoted in advance so that you know how long the job will take and how much it will cost.

All our feather edge panels, wooden and concrete posts, kick boards and workmanship are guaranteed for 3 years (excluding accidental damage).

  Some examples of our fencing work in Malvern, Worcester, Gloucester and Cheltenham

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